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Mercury (Hg) is a biotoxic metallic element that poses a clear and present danger to human health. Once common in household products such as thermometers and light switches, mercury is now carefully regulated to help prevent accidental exposure. The intention is to reduce the risk of serious health consequences, such as kidney damage, neurological damage or worse. Mercury and its highly toxic organic compounds are still used by, or generated as byproducts of, diverse industries.

Since 1978, Nippon Instrument Corporation (NIC) has specialized in the design and manufacture of quality mercury analyzers. AGS Scientific offers a complete range of these high-quality mercury monitors and Hg analyzers for distribution and use in North America. These units are suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications.

It’s the Law

Various national and international government regulations have been implemented over the years to tightly regulate the amounts of this toxic element that may be released into the air, soil and water. The Clean Air Act of 1970, for example, mandates tight regulation of various air pollutants, including mercury vapor. Similarly, the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act were enacted to minimize the release of these pollutants into our waterways and drinking water supplies. Nevertheless, toxic mercury notoriously bioaccumulates in certain commercially important marine species.

It is crucial for industries involved in activities that may generate toxic mercury or mercury compounds to carefully monitor any potential mercury output or release. Possessing accurate, robust mercury monitors or analyzers is essential for these industries, so they may operate safely, and remain in compliance with various global and federal regulations.

AGS Scientific has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you choose the right instrument(s) for your specific needs. We have worked with companies across a wide range of industries to implement satisfactory monitoring programs. Our extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements enables us to guarantee your satisfaction as we help you choose the right solutions for your specific monitoring challenges.

The Global Leader in Mercury Analyzers

Since 2003, AGS Scientific has partnered with Nippon Instrument Corporation (NIC), headquartered in Osaka, Japan, to distribute these quality analyzer products. NIC is the global leader in the manufacture of laboratory, field and process mercury analyzers. These carefully engineered, time-tested products are suitable for the precise, accurate analysis of numerous sample types, including wastewater, ambient air, soil, foods, and hydrocarbon liquids and gases, among others.

A Wide Range of Mercury Analyzer Solutions

After identifying your specific needs, we help you find the appropriate solutions and work to implement proper installation. We also provide ongoing support throughout the life of your product. Click on any of the links on this page to learn more about our specific mercury analysis/monitoring products. Whether you require a laboratory bench mercury analyzer, a mercury vapor analyzer or a portable mercury analyzer, we have the right mercury instrument for your needs. Methodologies and sample types range from cold vapor atomic absorption, to direct mercury by thermal combustion, to analysis of mercury in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, and more. To find out more about what we have to offer, get in touch with us today.