RA-7000A Mercury Analyzer

RA-7000A Mercury Analyzer

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAAS)

The NIC RA-7000A Mercury Analyzer is the latest technological advancement from Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC). The RA-7000A performs cold vapor atomic absorption for mercury analysis according to traditional EPA and other regulatory methods in waters, wastewaters, soils, sediments, sludges & more. The RA-7000A is unique in that it performs these methods using automated discrete direct purge (DDP) technology as opposed to continuous flow, which allows for a waste reduction of over 80%.  It does this without the need for any compressed gases and includes a built-in enclosure to protect the integrity of your samples.  With the ability to begin with 4 single-sample options and expand when needed to include automated analysis and even fully automated digestion & analysis, the RA-7000A Mercury Analyzers are a fit for every laboratory.

RA-7000A Mercury Analyzer Key Features:

  • Discrete, direct purge (DDP) of mercury from each sample…simplifying operation while eliminating carryover and reducing waste
  • No compressed gases required thanks to a built-in carrier gas pump, which reduces operational costs
  • Detection down to low ppt without the use of gold amalgamation or CVAFS
  • Modular design allows for single-sample system with upgrade path to 80, 160 or 240 sample capacity autosamplers
  • Multiple configurations for any combination of analysis only, 5-mL auto digestion, and 20-mL auto digestion with one detector
  • Automatic quenching of potassium permanganate (or other oxidants)…removing this step from the user’s requirements reduces time/cost by improving efficiency in the lab
  • Ability to use multiple sample tubes
  • Sample: waters, wastewaters, liquid & solid digestates, & more
  • Detection method: Cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
  • Measuring range: 0.0005 to 400 ppb
  • Number of samples: single (manual) / optional 80, 160 & 240 positions by autosampler
  • Measuring method: Reducing vaporization



Nippon Instruments

RA-7000A Mercury Analyzer


  • US EPA Methods such as 245.1, 245.2, 245.5, SW-846 (7470A and 7471B) etc.
  • Wastewaters & Industrial Discharges
  • Waste Sludges, Soils & Sediments
  • Animal, Fish & Plant Tissues
  • Blood, Urine & Other Biological fluids
  • Food & Food Products
  • Plastics, Cosmetics & more

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