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Advanced technology, 80+% reductions in generated waste, and an unmatched level of customer support is what you will find with Nippon Instruments Corporation, Japan (NIC), the WORLDWIDE MARKET LEADING mercury instrument company.

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Flame Photometers & More

A.KRÜSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of high-precision optoelectronic measuring devices and analytical instruments. The family enterprise, founded in 1796, offers an extensive range of analytical instrumentation technology and customized solutions for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage industry, as well as for research and science. We also offer a wide variety of products for professional gemmology.

Thanks to our strong R&D capacities, we are more than just a laboratory equipment supplier – we are a driving force in the technology market setting the standards for functional scope and user-friendliness.

Reagents & Consumables

We are excited to offer our new line of reagents and sample collection kits for EPA 1631 as well as reagents and standard solutions for other mercury methods. Stay tuned as we continue to add more products. As a full-service analytical instruments company, you can trust AGS Scientific to continue to bring you high quality products and reliable customer service.

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We offer decades of experience in tailoring solutions to regulatory requirements, quality standards and any other specific needs you may have. In addition to analysis products, we feature carefully selected supporting equipment, including sample collectors, and we are ready to offer our expertise to assure your processes remain in regulatory compliance. Contact us today for more information on our laboratory & process products…all backed by our dedicated customer support team.

As a leading lab supply company, we are committed to doing whatever it takes for our customers to succeed, while helping make the world a better and safer place. We have carefully chosen our manufacturing partners to offer our customers the right equipment for nearly any need. If we can’t offer you the right product, we’ll help you find a laboratory equipment distributor who can. With a rigorous scientific approach to problem discovery and solution identification, you can depend on us to be the scientific equipment supplier with a laser focus on delivering exactly what you need, while offering lifetime support to help ensure that your requirements will always be met.