A.KRÜSS Flame Spectrophotometers

Digital Flame Photometers for Laboratory Use

Flame photometry is one of the most effective methods in simultaneously determining the concentration of Potassium (K), Lithium (Li), Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), etc. in aqueous solutions. Exemplifying the rules of atomic emission spectroscopy (AES), flame spectrophotometers evaporate a given solution to break intramolecular bonds into free atoms. These atoms emit different radiation wavelengths, which are then measured by light intensity and color to determine specific ions and their concentrations.

At a temperature of 1900 degrees Celsius, FAES technology is able to excite the molecules with no risk of ionization, ensuring that true concentration levels are attained throughout the process. Flame AES is recognized as the reference analytical method in the analysis of alkali metals. It is also an excellent alternative to ICP and FAAS, especially in complex aqueous matrices which may be affected by ion suppression.

For more information about flame photometry and its scientific applications, visit the A.KRÜSS Optronic Campus.

From pharmaceuticals to food and beverage applications, flame emission spectrophotometers from AGS Scientific ensure consistent and reliable results. With laboratory and process models available, you are sure to find the right photoelectric flame photometer for your operations. If you have questions about our products or want assistance finding the right model for you, contact us today!

A.KRÜSS pharmaceutical-grade flame photometers are backed by the A.KRÜSS brand name, established in 1796 and recognized today a standard-bearer for quality, and a leader in innovation and R&D. Flame photometer instrument function must be reliable, consistent and repeatable. AGS Scientific is proud to be a leading distributor of A.KRÜSS Devices & Instruments, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features:

  • Reliable, simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Li and Ca
  • Five available measurement channels with high precision over a broad measurement range
  • Easy transfer of applications from aging Eppendorf ELEX 6361 and IL943 Flame Photometers
  • Fast measurement – up to 300 measurements an hour! Highest in the industry
  • High safety standards through intelligent operational safety systems
  • Easy to use digital flame photometer, with intuitive software using a large touchscreen display and USB mouse
  • Traceability of all measured data and device specific data
  • User administration feature with two authorized levels
  • Complies with 21CFR Part 11 and GMP/GLP
  • Four models to choose from:
    • FP8400 Standard Laboratory Version
    • FP8500 Process Version
    • FP8600 Automated Sample Feed
    • FP8700 Automated Sample Feed and Dilution

A.KRÜSS Optronic Products

A.KRÜSS Flame Spectrophotometers


  • Pharmaceutical
    • Determination of Na and K in intravenous (IV) solutions
    • Determination of Na and K in non-IV solutions (injectables, nasal, oral….)
    • Quality control of products containing Na, K or Li
    • Testing analytical instrument calibrators and controls containing K, Na, Li and Ca
    • Concentration determination in pharmaceutical reagents
    • Potassium and Sodium levels in Veterinary solutions
  • Food and Beverage
    • Na, K and Ca content in juices, soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks
    • Monitor compliance with Na and K limits in foods
    • Pre-production quality monitoring pre-milk, pre-food and milk powder
  • Environmental
    • Discharge wastewater monitoring and control for potassium and sodium
    • Water Quality
    • Control monitoring of fertilizer residues in water and soil
  • Chemical
    • Monitoring of salt mining quality
    • Final inspection or inbound of chemical products
    • Na, K and Ca in cement

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