Certified Mercury Standard Solution

Stable Mercury Standard for Sampling and Analysis

Having a Certified Mercury Standard Solution is a critical requirement for anyone performing mercury analysis. Having a Certified Mercury Standard Solution that is highly stable is even better. Our mercury standards are made using mercuric chloride (HgCl2), which is the most stable inorganic mercury source for aqueous standard solutions. Combined with our recommended preservative technique, you can have working mercury standards in the ppb concentration range that will remain stable for a year or more.

AGS Scientific can assist you with sample collection and reagents designed specifically for the stringent requirements of trace metals analysis. We offer products including Sample Collection Kits and EPA 1631E Reagent Kits, as well as other Trace Metals Grade Acids and more that are all certified for trace metals analysis. Contact us today to get more information about our HgCl2 solution.

AGS Products

Certified Mercury Standard Solution


  • Sample Collection Kits
  • EPA Method 1631E and 245.7 Reagent Kits
  • Trace Metals Acids
  • Certified Mercury Standards
  • Certified Multi-Element Standards


  • Mercury Analysis by CVAAS or CVAFS
  • ICP-MS
  • ICP-OS
  • Other Trace Metals Applications