For Materials, Classrooms, Biology & Industry

A.KRÜSS Optronic offers Microscopes for biological examinations and Stereo Microscopes for applications in laboratories, industry and education – ranging from low-cost compact models for general usage, to professional expandable devices for more challenging applications. There is also a metallurgical version – ideal for use in the identification and analysis of all types of metal, including steel and alloys.  For more information about microscope technology and applications, click here to visit the A KRÜSS Optronic Campus.

Laboratory Microscopes

  • Monocular Laboratory Microscope – MML Series
    • Ideal for schools, training and simple laboratory applications
    • 45° inclined viewing and 360° rotating optical head
    • Equipped with integrated illumination
    • 10X wide field eyepiece and 3 standard achromatic objectives
  • Binocular Laboratory Microscopes – MBL2000 Series
    • Robust and Universal. Ideal for general microscopy in laboratories, schools and universities
    • Course and fine-focusing adjustment knobs
    • Graduated XY cross table with coaxial operation
    • Low voltage illumination with lighting control and removable pre-condenser
    • 10X plane eyepiece and 4 standard objectives
    • Extensive range of add-on options such as phase-contrast setting, dark field condenser, micrometer setup, planachromatic objectives and additional eyepieces
  • Professional Binocular Laboratory Microscopes – MBL3200 Series Inverted Microscope
    • Designed for the identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures
    • Photo and C-mount video adapter lets you connect SLR and video cameras
    • 10X plane eyepiece with visual field number: 22 and 4 standard planochromatic, infinity objectives
  • Metallurgical Incident Light Microscope – MBL3300 Series
    • Metallurgical microscope designed for quality assessment, raw material analysis, identification and analysis of steel connections and other metals and examining metal structures following heat treatment
    • Equipped with a phototube for connecting a camera or video recorder

Stereo Microscopes

  • MSL4000 Series Stereo Microscopes
    • Great value for those on a limited budget
    • Work anywhere with the battery option (25 hour life) or the external power supply
    • Adjustable eye distance and diopter adjustment
    • Wide range of accessories for all models
  • MSZ5000 Series Stereo Microscopes with Zoom
    • Zoom stereo microscope designed for the professional examination of electronics, precision engineering, plastics and medical products
    • Large zoom range (7 to 45X), large working distance and broad depth of field
    • Rugged housing for working in harsh environments
  • KSW4000 Series Stereo Microscopes for Professional Gemmology
    • Designed for inspection of diamonds and gemstones
    • Rugged metal housing for use in harsh environments
    • Magnification factor of 10X and 30X with options for 20X and 60X
    • Power saving LED illumination
    • Equipped with dark -field, objective turret and stone pincers
  • KSW5000 Series Stereo Microscopes with Zoom for Professional Gemmology
    • Continuously variable magnification setting with 7 to 45X Zoom factor
    • Equipped with Dark-field and stone holders
    • Rugged metal housing for harsh environments
  • KSW8000 Series Pivoting Stereo Microscope with Zoom for Gemmology
    • Modern lighting system consisting of a combination of transmitted light, incident light and Dark-field LED illumination as well as daylight illumination
    • Main body and head of microscope can be rotated up to 360° and the stands can be tilted up to 90°
    • Continuously variable magnification setting with 7 to 45X Zoom factor



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