Gas Analyzers

For Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

The MAT1000 Series of gas analyzers are designed to measure nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2) levels in the modified atmosphere packaging of food products, electronics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The MAT1000 series is ideal for use in the quality assurance laboratory and on the production line where perishable products are filled or packaged. They are suitable for both random sampling and the permanent monitoring of a gas mixture used in packaging machines.


Available Models


  • Ideal for sporadic O2 sporadic checks or when only nitrogen is used
  • Electrochemical Oxygen Cell (EC)
  • Fast operational readiness; ideal for frequent changes of location


  • Economical solution for measuring both O2 and CO2
  • Electrochemical oxygen cell (EC) and non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR)
  • Covers most applications using CO2 in modified atmosphere packaging (0 to 50 volume % CO2 +/- 0.5 volume %)


  • Uses zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) sensor to measure the oxygen concentrations from 0 to 100% with an excellent degree of accuracy (+/- 0.001 volume percent)
  • Fast measurement with small sample volume
  • Can be used in a cold storage room (10°C)



  • Fitted with both a ZrO2 sensor and an NDIR sensor. The “All Rounder” for highest standards
  • Fast measurement with high precision with lowest 02 concentration
  • Long service life



Key Features


  • Four available models to suit any needs
  • Automatic flow rate monitoring and temperature control
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive software with touch screen
  • Short measurement periods and low drift sensors
  • Interface package for convenient transfer of measured values (USB, Ethernet, RS-232)
  • Intelligent User administration with optional password protection
  • Complete documentation of measured values (saves the last 999 measurements)
  • Only a small sample required
  • Compliant with global standards such as GMP/GLP and 21 CFR Part 11



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Gas Analyzers