PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer

Hg in Liquid & Gaseous Hydrocarbons

Mercury in Hydrocarbons by UOP 938, ASTM D6350 & more

The NIC PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer automatically measures total mercury in crude oil, petroleum distillates (naphthas, etc) and gases with ultra-high sensitivity, high accuracy and quick sample analysis by a heated vaporization/atomic fluorescence method. An automatic sample changer, injection, pre-treatment and measurement allows for low user intervention. The closed system design and septa-sealed sample vials of this crude oil analyzer prevent volatile mercury loss, giving greater measurement accuracy.

PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer Key Features:

  • No Pre-treatment Necessary
  • Autosampler with Direct Liquid Injection
  • Incubation & Vortex Mixing for Samples
  • Septa-sealed Sample Vials
  • Measuring Method: Heat-vaporization, Gold Amalgamation Method
  • Detection Method: Atomic Fluorescence (CVAFS)
  • Measuring Range: 0.01 μg/L to 10 mg/L
  • Gas Measurement by Mercury Collector Tube (optional)


Nippon Instruments

PE-1000 Mercury Analyzer


  • Method UOP 938-10: Naphtha, Pygas, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Diesel fuel, Condensate, Crude oil, Fuel oil and more
  • Methods JLPGA-S-07, ISO 6978
  • ASTM D-6350: LNG/LPG, Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Shale gas, Ambient air and more

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