MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer

MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer

Portable Direct Mercury Analyzer

The MA-3 Solo from NIC offers a portable bench-top design for the measurement of total mercury in Solid, Liquid and Gaseous matrices using the principle of thermal decomposition, gold amalgamation, and atomic absorption in accordance with USEPA 7473 and ASTM D-6722-01. No pretreatment of samples or compressed gases are required.

MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer Key Features:

  • Direct Mercury Analyzer that requires no compressed gases
  • Accurate measurements with precision at 100ng/kg (ppt) and lower
  • Dynamic range up to 100mg/kg (ppm) based on a 100mg sample (variable)
  • Simple to operate, single sample design
  • Built-in, Automatic Blank System virtually eliminates carryover
  • Built-in Exhaust System allows for safe operation in any location
  • Low operational costs due to no-consumable design
  • Ceramic sample boats allow for easy acid-washing and drying
  • Regular and large capacity sample boats available
  • User-friendly software for simple operation, reporting and data storage
  • Operates on 100 to 240 VAC power

Nippon Instruments

MA-3 Solo Mercury Analyzer


  • Thermal decomposition methods: US EPA 7473, 30B; ASTM D 6722-01, D 7623-10
  • Applications Include:
    • Fish Tissues
    • Soil, Sludge & Sediments
    • Fertilizer & Feed
    • Foods
    • Polymers
    • Electronic Materials
    • Biological Tissue
    • Mining Ores
    • Coal Waste
    • Crude Oils
    • Paints
    • Blood & Urine
    • Waste-waters and Other Waters

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