NIC EMP-3 Mercury Monitor

NIC EMP-3 Mercury Monitor

Mercury spills are not isolated to laboratory environments, as they can also occur in many employee workplaces such as shipping warehouses, freight transport vehicles (airplanes, trains, trucks, etc), refineries & other industrial process plants.  Since mercury is a highly toxic element that can severely affect the nervous, digestive & immune systems of humans, it is imperative that such locations protect their employees against exposure to mercury.

While many of us may recall playing with mercury from a thermometer as a child, what we didn’t know then and often are unaware of now, is that pure elemental mercury is highly volatile.  This means that at room temperature, it will evaporate into a gaseous form that is completely odorless and invisible to the eye.  This can be seen in a video using a fluorescent background and UV light to show the shadow created by the gaseous mercury as it boils off from a small amount of liquid mercury (click here for video).

The gaseous mercury becomes an inhalation hazard and is especially critical for those that suffer chronic exposure.  This is why it is important to have the ability to accurately identify & measure mercury in the workplace.  The Model EMP-3 Mercury Monitor from Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC) is a portable mercury monitor with many advanced capabilities, such as real-time measurement, interference-free design to reduce “false-positives”, and GPS-enable data logging.  The EMP-3 is also easily portable with an included shoulder and waist harness (perfect for climbing ladders to maintain “3-point rule”), a full color touchscreen display, and wide measurement range.  For more details, see our NIC EMP-3 page by clicking here.

In addition to advanced technological features and portability, the EMP-3 also only requires an annual calibration, further setting it apart from other portable mercury monitors.  The annual calibration can also be performed by the user, if preferred, although AGS Scientific, Inc. offers full calibration and preventative maintenance services.

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