Model RA-4300FG+ Ultra-Trace Mercury Analyzer

Trace Hg by Fluorescence (CVAFS)

The NIC RA-4300FG+ is a highly sensitive and simple to operate mercury analyzer. Compliant with US EPA Methods 245.7 and 1631 E the NIC RA-4300FG+ operates on the principles of reducing vaporization, with or without gold-amalgamation, and cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (CVAFS). The fully enclosed system with optional HEPA/Carbon filtration ensures that your samples are protected against outside contamination and reduces blank levels. With simple, user-friendly software, the NIC RA-4300FG+ is designed to simplify and exceed your mercury analysis requirements. The system adds an additional level of automation by automatically adding both the BrCl and Hydroxylamine reagents for sample preparation.

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Nippon Instruments

Model RA-4300FG+ Ultra-Trace Mercury Analyzer


  • US EPA Compliant for methods 1631 & 245.7
  • Detection limits: 0.1 ppt to 100 ppb by Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (CVAFS)
  • Discrete, direct purge of mercury from each sample; simplifying operation while eliminating carryover and reducing waste
  • Capable of operating with or without Gold-Amalgamation
  • Automatic dispenser ensures consistent and safe addition of reagents
  • Built-in reagent purging system
  • Automatic sample preparation and analysis
  • Advanced Quality Assurance software protocols for US EPA methods 245.7 & 1631E
  • No clean room required – includes a HEPA controlled enclosure
  • > 80% less waste over flow injection instruments


  • US EPA Methods 245.7 & 1631E
  • ISO 17825 & 12846
  • EN-13506 and EN-12338

“I absolutely love the Nippon RA-4300FG+ low level mercury analyzer. I work in an environmental lab with fast turnaround times, and a high amount of dirty samples. I doubted that we would be able to run low level mercury without contamination issues. The Nippon RA-4300FG+ proved otherwise. We are able to successfully run low level mercury samples without sticky mats or plastic curtains. The low level mercury analyzer currently sits in our lab between our CVAA and our acid waste! Working with Nippon has been great. They stayed after install until we were comfortable with the instrument and the method, they helped us with method development to be in compliance with the EPA, and to this day they are a simple phone call away in case I have any questions.”
– Jessica, Suburban Laboratories