Model RA-5A Mercury Analyzer

Model RA-5A Mercury Analyzer

Compact, Inexpensive Hg by CVAAS

The Model RA-5 is the next generation CVAAS Mercury Analyzer from NIC. It is simple yet powerful. With multiple configurations available, a full-color LCD touch panel, and upgradable to an automated CVAAS mercury analyzer, the RA-5 is extremely versatile and cost-effective. The NIC RA-5 is super compact. It takes up about as much bench space as an 8.5 x 11” sized sheet of paper. This is a reduction of over 50% from previous models. The RA-5 can be used as a stand-alone mercury analyzer for those with only a few samples or limited budget without sacrificing performance. It can also be configured with one of three available autosamplers at time of purchase or as an upgrade in the future.

Nippon Instruments

Model RA-5A Mercury Analyzer


  • No compressed gases required
  • >80% waste reduction
  • Upgradeable to an automated CVAAS mercury analyzer
  • Only requires 5 mL of sample
  • Color LCD touch panel display for easy operation
  • USB interface for data export
  • Measuring range: 0.0005 to 400 ppb
  • Three autosampler options (30-pos, 12-pos, & 5-pos)


  • Drinking waters, waste waters, industrial wastewaters, fresh water sources, seawater, soils, sludges, tissues, digested solids
  • Test Methods: US EPA 245.1, 245.2, 245.5, SW-846 (7470A and 7471B); ASTM D 32223-02; EN-1483; APHA 3112; JIS K0102