Model RA-4300A Mercury Analyzer

RA 4300A

Hg by Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption (CVAAS)

The NIC RA-4300A is one of the latest innovations from Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC). The RA-4300A performs cold vapor atomic absorption for mercury analysis according to traditional EPA and other regulatory methods in waters, wastewaters, & more. The RA-4300A is unique in that it performs these methods using automated direct purge technology as opposed to continuous flow, and it does this without the need for any compressed gases while contained in a built-in enclosure.

Nippon Instruments

Model RA-4300A Mercury Analyzer


  • Discrete, direct purge of mercury from each sample…simplifying operation while eliminating carryover and reducing waste
  • No compressed gases required thanks to a built-in carrier gas pump, which reduces operational costs
  • Detection down to low ppt without the use of gold amalgamation or CVAFS
  • Automatic quenching of potassium permanganate (or other oxidants)…removing this step from the user’s requirements reduces time/cost by improving efficiency in the lab
  • Ability to use multiple sample tubes
  • Sample: waters, wastewaters, liquid & solid digestates, & more
  • Detection method: Cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry
  • Measuring range: 0.0005 to 100 ppb
  • Number of samples: 80 per tray on autosampler
  • Measuring method: Reducing vaporization


  • US EPA Methods such as 245.1, 245.2, 245.5, SW-846 (7470A and 7471B) etc.
  • Applications: Natural water, drinking waters, marine waters, wastewaters, discharges, soils, sediments, sludges, animal tissue, fish tissue, plant tissue, blood, urine, biological fluids, food, food products, plastics, cosmetics