The TOPEX is an easy to use Advanced Microwave Digestion System. The TOPEX employs the most up to date exterior housing design which increases the safety of the technicians, laboratory, and instrumentation. The 7” HD LCD touch screen and software offer a simple interface for users to perform their microwave digestions. The range of vessels expands the possibilities of sample matrices (types) and the unique vessel design can withstand high pressure and high temperature.


  • PID technology focuses the microwaves on the samples. This unique microwave reflection design concentrates the microwaves directly on the samples. This allows for faster and more complete digestions of the samples.
  • Real time imaging technology allows for uninhibited views of vessels and sensors
  • High pressure vessels (KJ100 & KJ160)
  • High working temperatures
  • Auto Venting vessels for the GT400 reseal to ensure excellent trace analysis results
  • Dual IR temperature sensors for the GT400 provide accurate and continuous scanning of the samples
  • Dual magnetrons with 1800W of non-pulsed continuous power output


US EPA methods 29, 3051, 3052

KJ100: Plastic, Fiber, Fat, Oil, Coal, Chemicals, Core, Ash, Slag, Refractory, Heavy metals

KJ160: Pharmaceutical, Bio-materials, Food, High-fatted Food, Soil, Geological materials, Glass, Quartz, Metals, Alloy

GT400: Water, Waste water, Blood, Urea, Vegetable, Hydrocarbon