The NOVA-2S Microwave Synthesis System is a supermatic microwave that adopts monomode microwave technology which contains automatic sampling, automatic capping and full automatic control. Operators can directly edit the programs and start running via distinctive embedded touch-screen interface.


  • Closed or Open vessel options
  • Large LCD screen and comfortable touch panel for operation and data viewing
  • Magnetic Stirrer for closed vessels
  • Mechanical Stirrer for open vessels
  • Real-time pressure readings
  • Real-time temperature readings
  • PID technology focuses the microwaves on the samples. This unique microwave reflection design concentrates the microwaves directly on the samples. This allows for faster and more complete digestions of the samples.
  • Rapid cooling with optional air compressor
  • Automatic injection system with X, Y, Z -axis arm for precise positioning of the sample holder with scalable, fully automated microwave chemical work, up to 96 samples


  • Biomaterial, e. g. hair, blood, bio-tissue, bone dust
  • Environment, e. g. polluted mud, waste water, paint fragment, kiln ashes
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical Product, e. g. bitumen, gasoline, kerosene, Vaseline, petroleum
  • Metal and Non-metal, e. g. coal cinder, iron ore, copper sulphide, firebrick, ceramic