Determination of Alkaline and Earth Alkaline Elements in the Lab and Process Analysis

Flame Photometer FP8000 Series


The Krüss Flame Photometer FP8000 Series allows for the simple and cost-effective determination of alkali and alkaline earth metals in aqueous solutions. Both laboratory and process models are available. The FP8000 Series apply a relative measurement method according to the principle of flame atomic emission spectroscopy (F-AES).


Key Features

  • Allows for simultaneous measurement of the elements Na, K, Li and Ca
  • Five available measurement channels
  • High precision over a broad measurement range
  • Fast measurement – up to 300 measurements an hour! Highest in the industry
  • High safety standards through intelligent operational safety systems
  • Easy to Use intuitive software using a large touchscreen display and USB mouse
  • Traceability of all measured data and device specific data
  • User administration feature with two authorized levels
  • Complies with 21CFR Part 11 and GMP/GLP
  • Four models to choose from:
    • FP8400 Standard Laboratory Version
    • FP8500 Process Version
    • FP8600 Automated Sample Feed
    • FP8700 Automated Sample Feed and Dilution


  • FP8400

  • FP8500

  • FP8600

  • FP8700 – Autosampler

  • FP8700