The DURAPREP Automated Sample Preparation system precisely and accurately performs dilutions, sample transfers and dispensing of reagents. The DURAPREP is also ideal for serial dilutions, preparing calibration and QC standards, and adding internal standards. It will automate almost any liquid handling function in the analytical laboratory, reduce cross contamination, reduce consumables costs and increase lab safety.


  • Compatible with up to 6 Bel-art type racks
  • Up to 360 sample positions
  • Accepts multiple rack vial sizes on one platform
  • Capable of handling Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Syringe Pump capacity from 5 to 25 mL
  • 0.02 mL dispensing accuracy
  • All plastic construction for corrosion and contamination free environment
  • Sample mixing capability


  • Mining, environmental, pharma
  • Reagent additions, standards additions, dilutions, automated pipetting