Automated Block Digestion and Sample Dilution



The DURABLOCK Auto Sample Digestion System is designed to alleviate all of the mundane, tedious, and manual processes associated with mercury and metals sample preparation. It increases the accuracy and precision of reagent additions, final dilutions, and aliquot transfers. Technician safety is increased by significantly reducing the manual handling of concentrated acids.

The DURABLOCK Auto simply automates your current laboratory methods. Load your samples and the DURABLOCK Auto does the rest. When the instrument is finished, the samples are ready for your analyzer (ICP, ICPMS, AA, Mercury Analyzer, etc.).


  • Up to 8 independent reagent lines
  • Up to 84 samples in 50 ml vials
  • Saves prime lab space with built-in fume hood
  • Perchloric-acid-compatible, detachable exhaust manifold to facilitate washing
  • No metal parts, all plastic construction suitable for trace level sample preparation
  • Laminar flow exhaust path for acid fume removal
  • Positive air pressure in electronic section prevents acid corrosion
  • Option of HEPA filter attachment
  • Drip tray contains any reagent spillage
  • Transparent window for light illumination and visual observation
  • Overnight operation – set it and forget it
  • Optional Exhaust Fume Scrubber
  • Optional Exhaust Blower


This instrument will automatically:

  • Add reagents
  • Heat the samples
  • Cool the samples
  • Perform a final dilution
  • Mix the samples
  • Transfer an aliquot to the analyzer sample rack


  • US EPA Methods: 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 3050B, 245.1, SW846 (7470A, 7471B)
  • Soil, sludge, drinking water, waste water, fertilizer, feed, plant tissue, ores