The COOLPEX Microwave Digestion System is perfect for users that want a low cost, flexible, and easy to use instrument. This system is best used for low throughput, experimental applications such as research environments in government, university or R&D industrial. Out of the box setup allows you to be up and running within hours.


  • PID technology focuses the microwaves on the samples. This unique microwave reflection design concentrates the microwaves directly on the samples. This allows for faster and more complete digestions of the samples.
  • Real time imaging technology allows for uninhibited views of vessels and sensors
  • High pressure vessels (10 vessels per batch)
  • High working temperatures
  • 316L stainless steel cavity
  • Large LCD screen and comfortable touch panel for operation and data viewing
  • Built-in camera and HD LCD monitor system
  • 1200W of non-pulsed continuous power output


  • Food, e. g. powdered milk, tea, coffee, flour, sea-mussel, beef, chocolate, alcohol, yeast, cocoa nut, fish, peanut and so on.
  • Cosmetics, e. g. lipstick, rouge, cold cream, hair dye
  • Biomaterial, e. g. hair, blood, bio-tissue, bone dust
  • Agriculture, e. g. forage, corn flour, clover blossom, banana tree leaf, orange tree leaf, wood oar
  • Environment, e. g. polluted mud, waste water, paint fragment, kiln ashes
  • Petrochemical Product, e. g. bitumen, gasoline, kerosene, Vaseline, petroleum
  • Metal and Non-metal, e. g. coal cinder, iron ore, copper sulphide, firebrick, ceramic